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Portable FM Radio and Music Player for Seniors

Portable FM Radio and Music Player for Seniors

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SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE RADIO - The Relish Radio and Music Player has been designed to bring the joy of music to people with all stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

SPECIALIST DESIGN – The Relish Radio and Music Player has a unique design specifically enabling people with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, the elderly, seniors, visually impaired, and low vision to make it as easy as possible to choose and listen to the music they want. Clear separate on and off buttons that are easy to locate, the volume cannot go to zero removing the risk of confusion, audio feedback when the buttons are pressed, a USB port for your own playlist. USB size (max 5.5cm).

EASY TO USE – The memory buttons allow for 3 favorite FM radio stations that the user can find and choose easily thanks to the customizable card label. The fourth button is for your own playlist which is loaded through a USB port at the back (USB max size 5.5cm).

PERSONALISED SET UP – The favorite stations are selected and set up by the care-giver via an interface neatly hidden behind the battery door at the back. They then simply write a name on the front panel that is understandable and right to the user, for example ‘Jazz’, ‘News’ or ‘Relaxing’.

QUALITY DESIGN – Contemporary yet recognizable and evocative design, this radio is a beautiful piece that fits in any living room, bedroom, kitchen or patio. It can be powered via a plug or with batteries, so is portable and can be used wherever convenient.

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