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Nail Art Printer Machine

Nail Art Printer Machine

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This is a desktop nail art machine equipped with a 7-inch high-definition large screen, visual design, and one-click printing. The printing process is clearly visible and safe. Even beginners can use it without any problem. All you need is a cup of coffee to get beautiful designs on all your nails. (touch screen or mobile app control)

Humanized manicure intelligence, AI recognizes nail contours, applies color accurately, does not stain your hands, and does not need to apply excess glue/cleaning glue. Non-contact painting technology, without direct contact with the nail surface, can print clean eggshells and delicate petals.

You can customize meaningful photos and favorite pictures with your own unique nail art style, print them out with your fingertips, restore the color of the pictures and view them at any time. There are tons of templates available for download. Additionally, you can design your own personal templates, quickly search by category, and categorize commonly used templates. Then connect the nail art printer to print.

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