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Tower Garden Hydroponics Growing System,18-Plant Indoor

Tower Garden Hydroponics Growing System,18-Plant Indoor

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This indoor tower garden hydroponic planting system is designed to provide high productivity and ease of use, with an emphasis on improving practical functionality. The vertical system uses aerial technology, which greatly increases the oxygen flow in the root zone and promotes the growth of plants. The automatic humanized system is very suitable for beginners and advanced hydroponic growers.

The tower garden uses hydroponics rather than traditional soil planting, so compared with outdoor potted plants, the top-down automatic water circulation timing watering method can make more full use of water resources, reduce the waste of water resources, so that plants can be nourished at all times and grow faster.

A 360° fully enclosed cover group composed of four 21.65 inch led growth lamps. It can illuminate the sky garden from every angle, so that every plant can enjoy the care of light in every position White and red LEDs are the basic light sources for all plant growth. Omnidirectional infrared ultraviolet LED irradiation can promote the defense mechanism of plants and promote the healthy growth of plants, which is suitable for the whole growth cycle.

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