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Steam Mop Cleaner

Steam Mop Cleaner

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The Schenley steam mop provides the ultimate cleaning experience for most indoor cleaning scenarios. With our vibrant design and cutting-edge technical solutions, we strive to make cleaning a simple and elegant process. Our steam mop can perform an outstanding job on removing tough and dried-on stains that we all experience on floors and on grout. Its advanced heating systems can bring the steam temperature up to 248°F, more than sufficient to keep your furniture and window curtains refreshed and cleaned. Other than your regular mopping routines, the light weight handheld steamer can be easily detached from the mop and used for a variety of situations. From your bathroom tubs, stoves, kitchen counters and windows, the steam cleaner that comes in Schenley Magenta & Noble Gray color can take care all cleaning needs with a simple swap of different accessories.

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