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Round Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Round Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

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A REFRESHING CLEAN FOR EVERYONE - Gentle yet powerful water spray provides an effective clean; Adjustable warm water and pressure settings; dual action spray with pulsating and oscillating option creates a refreshing clean every time

STEP INTO A LAVISH STANDARD OF LIVING - Warm air dryer is customizable with three temperature settings; Adjustable heated bidet seat provides consistent warmth coverage over full seat surface; No more slammed lids with our SoftClose technology

CLEAN INNOVATIONS OFFER PEACE OF MIND - Self-cleaning wand automatically cleans inside and outside before and after each use; Specially designed CLEAN RESIN helps repel materials

EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS - The convenient side panel allows users to control and set personalized water cleansing settings. Provides luxury and cleanliness at your fingertips.

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