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Electric Drain Auger, 25Ft Plumbing Snake -3/4"-2" Pipes

Electric Drain Auger, 25Ft Plumbing Snake -3/4"-2" Pipes

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Electric Drain Auger ALL-IN-ONE Equipped:25 Ft reinforced flexible cable is replaceable !Clears clogs with ease from drains from ¾ up to 2 in diameter including sinks,toilet and bathtubs.Powered forward and reverse feeding mechanism make the cable down or back drains automatically and cable lock setting holds cable in place while tackling tough clogs.

Easy to use!-We have multiple videos that demonstrate how to use plumbing snake for specific scenarios,such as how to effectively unclog a toilet.stant cable,Drain unclogger smoothly passes through P-traps and clears pipes - ideal for severe blockages or slow drains. Save time and money by easily tackling clogs,no need for professionals.25Ft drain auger not only quickly unblocks your drains but also helps preventing future clogging issues.

Lithium-ion 20V Max and Variable Speed - 2.0AH battery provides longer runtime.Cordless sink drain snake design allows for freedom of movement without being restricted by wires.The battery level indicator makes it easy to check the remaining power and know when to recharge.The speed of the unclogging machine is adjustable! You can freely adjust the speed to suit different projects,reaching a maximum speed of 560 rpm by applying varying force on the switch.

Ergonomic Design- Engineered for comfort and improved control,this snake drain clog remover features handles with rubberized grips that ensure a superior working experience.With an integrated LED work light,you can easily illuminate any dark workplaces,ensuring enhanced visibility for precise task execution.Besides,the thoughtfully positioned rear pipe drain port on the unit can prevent water accumulation in the drum.

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