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16"x16" Photo Light Box

16"x16" Photo Light Box

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Integrate 480 high-quality LED Light Beads with Dimmable Range 1%-100%, You can easily adjust the brightness to get the desired lighting effect. High Color Rendering Index (95+) and no strobe, create brighter and softer lights, help leave your photos looking more natural and great texture.

The photo light box offers 3 openings enable you to choose any photo shooting position for getting more perfect product features and beauty. When you want to shoot smaller items and with high reflecting light products, just stand up the baffle and open the small window. The light source will be more concentrated and the shooting effect will be better.

The photo box comes with 4 color detachable backgrounds(White/Black/ Orange/Green), made of thicker PVC, which are sturdy enough and no wrinkles, so you can easily change background colors and build up various shooting scenes as needs.

The photography box Dimension is 16*16 inch. With particular folding design, the whole assembly of portable ring light box ONLY needs 10 seconds. No bracket. No screws. No complicated lighting layout. With a durable and waterproof carry bag, it’s very compact and convenient to use in many places without taking a lot of spaces.
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